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Head lice

What are they?

Lice are small wingless insects which can live on the human scalp and lay their eggs there.

What are the symptoms?

Usually there are no symptoms at all. Your scalp may be itchy.

Are they infectious?

Yes. They can be passed from person to person by head to head contact egg in bed.

How can you tell if you have them?

-lice (flesh colored insects about 3 mm long)

-live eggs (very small, dull and flesh colored cemented just above the roots of hair)

-old shells or nits (white and shinny harmless shells found away from the scalp)

Is there any treatment?

Yes. You can buy Difusil spray or shampoo, which is available in the Pharmacy. Please spray the head with Difusil spray and let it work for 4 up to 12 hours or wash the head with Difusil shampoo or Paranit spray or shampoo. Than wash the head carefully with common shampoo.