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Atopic dermatitis

The first signs may appear even soon after the birth. Often the symptoms become apparent after a formula has been introduced after breastfeeding, or after introduction of solids in the infant´s food.


Atopic dermatitis usually presents with red dry rough spots on skin of the face, neck and chest. A liquid secretion may also appear on the areas of the affected skin, followed by formation of crusts. The areas of eczema may also itch. In older children the affected skin regions usually involve the cubital area of elbows, popliteal area of knees, and the wrists. The affected skin is dry and itchy, and children tend to scratch it. The itching may be worsened by sweating, changes of temperature, and also by stress.

How to care for the affected skin

Shower is preferred to baths. The baths, if any, should last only a short time. Special oil additives may be added into the bath so that to keep the skin soft.

The shower water should be lukewarm, not too warm.

It is recommended to use a soap designed specifically for children with eczema – available in pharmacies, not a regular soap.

After the bath a body lotion should be applied onto the whole body, with special care for the affected skin areas.

A hypoallergenic washing powder should be used.

The soft cotton fabric is a preferred material for cloths in children with atopic dermatitis.

We have good experience with the following brands of remedies:

The SECALIA brand is suitable for the everyday care for dry atopic skin.

A-DERMA EXOMEGA is another brand specially designed for soothing and nourishing of the dry atopic skin.

The EUCERIN brand offers remedies for a complex care for sensitive skin of the whole body.