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Developmental Milestones

This list of milestones by age is a good way to see how your child is doing. Keep in mind that no two children develop at the same rate. “No” answer to any of these questions does not mean that there is a problem. However, if you see large differences between your child and what is listed here, talk with your pediatrician.

3 Months

When your baby is lying on his back, does he move both arms equally well?

Are your baby’s hands frequently open?

Can your baby hold his head up for a few seconds when held upright?

6 Months

Does your baby play with her hands by touching them together?

Does your baby turn her head to sounds coming from a different room?

Can your baby roll over from stomach to back or from back to stomach?

When your baby is on her stomach, does she try to push up with her hands?

Does your baby reach for you?

9 Months

Can your baby sit without support and without holding up his body with his hands?

Does your baby crawl or creep on his hands and knees?

Does your baby hold his bottle?

Does your baby drop or throw toys on purpose?

Does he bang and shake his toys?

12 Months

Does your baby like to play peekaboo?

Does your baby pull up to stand?

Does your baby walk holding on to furniture?

Does your baby look for and find toys?

Does your baby like to explore objects and spaces?